Alexander White

Technical Consultant
From childhood through to adulthood, Alexander has been learning about and been involved in all things intellectual property.  From a young age, Alexander learned of the benefits of intellectual property rights and knew he had to learn all he could about them.  This has led Alexander to hold various positions within the realm of patents and to seek out experiences that build and strengthen a lifetime’s worth of learning.
While seeking his undergraduate degree, Alexander spent time as a technical writer and patent searcher for the patent law firm White & Quinn, P.C.  Alexander also spent time as an extern at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), working in design patents and aiding patent examiners in their examination.  For seven years (2013-2020), Alexander worked as a patent examiner at the USPTO, learning the ins-and-outs of patent prosecution in the U.S.  Alexander’s work at the USPTO also gave him insight into the workings of the PCT through the examination of patent applications that were at various stages of the PCT application process.  Alexander recently passed the USPTO Registration Exam and is working on completing his law degree in May 2021.  Alexander is excited about using these experiences to help the PCT Learning Center engage with and better serve its clients.