Private Seminars

PCT Private Seminars

The PCT Learning Center can travel to you firm/company to present private, cost effective training at your location that can include video or audio linking to satellite office locations.

In addition to the course offering below we offer customized courses.  Contact us for information and pricing   571-212-3868

Course Offering

The Essential PCT – Approximately 5 1/2 hours – All Levels: Includes both Boot Camp and Strategies
Boot Camp:
  • Introduction to the PCT System
  • Basics of the PCT
  • Filing of the International Application (including how to complete the request form)
  • Introduction to PCT SAFE
  • Priority Claims and use of the Digital Access Service (DAS)
  • Correction of Defects
  • Recording Changes under Rule 92bis
  • Introduction to ePCT – newly expanded
  • International Search Report and Written Opinion
  • International Publication
  • Amendments under the PCT
  • Filing a Demand for Preliminary Examination
  • National Phase (Stage)
  • Where to get Help


PCT Strategies

  • Comparing PCT and Paris for internationalizing patent protection
  • Advantages/disadvantages of RO/US and RO/IB
  • Choosing an ISA (explanation of the pros and cons of the eight ISAs available to US filers using the ROUS or RO/IB
  • What to consider when deciding to amend claims under Article 19
  • When it is a good idea to file a Demand for Preliminary Examination
  • US national phase (stage) entry or bi-pass continuation
  • The PCT and the PPH

Cost: $2400 for 15 or less participants. $75 for each participant in excess of 15.

CLE approved in California, Washington State and other jurisdictions

Travel Expenses

Travel costs include expenses for one instructor from San Diego. For San Diego or Orange Counties, there is minimal or no travel related expense.

For further information call 571-212-3868 or email