Online On-Demand Course

PCT Boot Camp: Our Foundational Course

This course presumes little or no independent prior Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) knowledge. The course is tailored to create basic knowledge and fundamental ability.

This covers both outbound, for PCT filing requirements for heading outside of the United States, and inbound, National Stage filing, in the United States. This course updates every year with relevant changes from both WIPO and USPTO. Each year, the PCT patent application process streamlines electronically and procedurally. This course is an easy way to stay abreast and current in your PCT practice.

Upcoming Live Course

COVID-19 Update

Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions, in 2021, we have limited our planning of “live” course locations, and have none to announce at this time. We hope this will change later this year. In a typical year, PCT Learning Center hosts at least 4 rounds of a combination of our PCT process course complement around the United States. We seek out attendee/sponsor companies and firms as our “live” location in a selected city, and then enroll students until the locations and courses are full. Most sites accommodate no more than 50-60 live attendees per course. As soon as our “live” course planning resumes, announcements will appear on these pages. Please check back for announcements, and sign up for our monthly PCT Newsletter for updates. When reinstated, the live courses will correspond to the on-line/on-demand course selection in terms of sign, scope, and content.