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Thinking about taking a PCT Learning Center course and want more information? Get an idea of how our online on demand courses are structured and how they can integrate with your WIPO education needs. International IP training at your fingertips 24/7!

Online On-Demand Course

Understanding the EPO – New!

Learn how the EPO works and strategies to make it work for you. The EPO is often chosen as an ISA through PCT, and is likewise often the next step from PCT into greater Europe. But, the advantages of this strategy and what can be made from these choices has not been known to most practitioners. You can reduce costs and increase speed through the EPO by simply asking for it. These and other practice tips are revealed in this short 2 hour course. Enjoy!

Online On-Demand Course

All Course Access Subscription

We’ve created our All Course Access Subscription so you are able to do anytime PCT learning. Your schedule, Your priorities, Your goals – with unlimited 24/7 access to all of our online on-demand courses. Need to refresh your PCT knowledge and skills after you’ve completed a course? Not a problem, our delivery platform allows you unlimited access . Courses are broken down into discrete modules to make review simple and efficient. And, all courses are updated with critical practice changes so you will always be up-to-the-moment in your PCT Practice! Gain access to all PCT Learning Center courses and content for 1 year with a one-time payment. No more worries about WIPO product training, for staff or lawyers. And don’t forget – all “Essential” PCT LC courses are CLE accredited!

Online On-Demand Course

PCT Boot Camp: Our Foundational Course

This course presumes little or no independent prior Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) knowledge. The course is tailored to create basic knowledge and fundamental ability.

This covers both outbound, for PCT filing requirements for heading outside of the United States, and inbound, National Stage filing, in the United States. Each year, the PCT patent application process streamlines electronically and procedurally. PCT-SAFE is the primary tool covered in this course, but the move is ongoing from this tool to ePCT. As such, this course is an easy way to get started in your PCT practice and couples with ePCT with WIPO Experts to bring cutting edge knowledge within reach.

Online On-Demand Course

ePCT with WIPO Experts

ePCT is where we are all headed! Get there first with this course. ePCT provides instant access to your PCT file once it is transmitted to the IB (International Bureau in Geneva). Track the filing and update as necessary thereafter. All electronically and all from a distance, no concern about time zone contact or access. Directly from your desktop: offer up 92bis changes, Art 19 amendments, Chapter II requests, right through to 30 months – all through ePCT! Docket, receive PCT timing notifications, obtain external signatures to speed and simplify filing. Manage file access rights with a few clicks. Learn ePCT and move on to the future!

Online On-Demand Course

PCT Boot Camp & ePCT with WIPO Experts Bundle

PCT is jargon and timeline driven and the Boot Camp course provides a sound basis of understanding. Learn the basics of PCT words and techniques and procedures, and then proceed to ePCT, the future of International Filings, PCT docket management. Become the go-to PCT expert at your firm!

Online On-Demand Course

Essential PCT for Practitioners

This course enables a patent practitioner to advise clients as to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent application procedure, capability, strategy, decision making, and to manage PCT support staff. Know what needs to be done and when! Learn to save client time and money using PCT as a hedge in creating worldwide “patent pending” value for up to 30 months from your earliest priority date. All while earning 5 hours of CLE*.

Online On-Demand Course

Hague Boot Camp

The Hague Boot Camp course is tailored to create basic knowledge and fundamental ability for a Hague paralegal or staff member. The course covers outbound (i.e. Hague filing requirements for heading outside of the United States) and inbound filing requirements. This course updates every year with relevant changes from both WIPO and the USPTO. Each year, the Hague application process streamlines electronically and procedurally. For example, a new WIPO Hague interface was introduced in March of 2021! This course is an easy way to stay current in your Hague practice.

Online On-Demand Course

Essential Hague for Practitioners

Live now! Learn all about this new streamlined, compact, style of design filing and obtain design registration(s) across the globe! All with a single filing through a single office! A must for multinational enterprises launching consumer products in simultaneous or rapid succession in multiple markets. The Hague system is the one to use. Save time, money, and create simplicity. Even pay for renewals through this one-stop design protection shop!

Online On-Demand Course

Madrid Protocol for Paralegals and Essential Madrid for Practitioners

In production now! Learn about the worldwide first-to-file, first-to-market advantages of the Madrid Protocol. This is a must use process for multinational product launches. Get there first, with recognized rights, before the “copyists” and “counterfeiters” emerge. Madrid makes this possible using a single filing, product/service identification, and fee payment! Leverage your earlier in-country filing as priority as you proceed beyond our shores.

Private Seminars

Patent Cooperation Treaty Seminar


The PCT Learning Center can travel to your firm/company to present private, cost effective Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) training.
In addition to the example course offerings below we offer customized PCT training to meet your specific corporate, company, or firm needs.

Sample Topics:
  • Introduction to the WIPO PCT System
  • PCT Process Basics
  • Filing of the PCT International Application
  • PCT Fees
  • Introduction to ePCT (electronic filing)
  • Priority Claims
  • An Overview of how to Correct Defects
  • Search and Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority
  • International Publication
  • Amendments under the PCT
  • Overview of Chapter II – filing the demand for preliminary examination
  • Entry into the national phase
  • Where to get help
  • Procedural Safeguards
  • Expanded ePCT Module

Costs for customized private seminars are based on the specific course, customization, and number of attendees. The minimum charge is $10,000 per full day of instruction. The courses are suitable for attorney/agent and paralegal instruction, and can be qualified for CLE. Travel costs are additional. For the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, there is minimal or no travel-related expense.

Contact John White for further information at or by phone at 571-888-3405 ext 3.

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