About PCT Learning Center

What is the PCT Learning Center?

The PCT Learning Center is an online resource designed to assist anyone who is filing an international patent application, trademark, or industrial design application. As a resource and learning center for international IP (intellectual property) filings, our goal is to be an all-encompassing place for all things relating to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Hague System for Industrial Design Protection, Madrid Trademark Filings, and European Patent Office (EPO) submissions. Click on the button below to learn more about what PCT is.

International IP Filing Seminars

In addition to our resource page and our blog articles, we all offer training for PCT, the Hague Agreement, and the Madrid Protocol. Our international patent filing seminars are offered in three different ways, including:

  • Online On-Demand Courses
  • Upcoming Live Courses
  • Private Seminars

If you are in need of paralegal, attorney, or agent training regarding the topics listed above, then click the button below to sign-up for one of our patent search and filing seminars.

Our Mission

Our Mission Here at PCT Learning Center is Simple: Make International IP Practice Accessible, Understandable, and Useful to You and Your Clients.

Our Story

Now that you know what PCT is and what services we offer, we wanted to tell you a little bit about who we are. We believe that PCT, aka, an International Patent Application, should not be shrouded in mystery. Rather it should be a familiar tool used in almost all “outbound” patent application filings beyond the U.S. Our founder, Gary Smith, began this mission more than 12 years ago. We have since trained thousands of  PCT application professionals, at more than 80 live and, now, on-demand seminars, making the PCT application an arrow in their IP quiver. The need for PCT international patent application practice knowledge is growing rapidly. Our ambition here at PCT Learning Center (PCTLC) is to provide firms and companies the necessary training and support for seamless, reliable PCT, Hague (Industrial Design), and Madrid (Trademark) competence.

PCTLC now offers a fully online/on-demand 24/7 delivery model to accommodate all time zones and all needs for training across the globe that includes PCT, Hague (Industrial Designs), and Madrid (Trademark). Our clients include all of the top patent filing entities in the US and include small and large domestic and international corporations, companies, and law firms.

PCTLC Brings Worldwide IP to You!

Our Clients
Servicing National and International Fortune 500 Companies

Those who have benefitted from our PCT international patent filing seminars range from small to large IP firms and Fortune 500 Companies – anyone needing to learn how to use the preferred international patenting system. Click on any of the countries below to show our attendees:

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